Harrah's Casino - TV:30 - Movie Night

Client: Harrah's Cherokee Casino Resort | Agency: GSD&M | CD: Carly Conrad | Writer: Nic Bristow Production Company: Raven's Eye Media Sr. Producer: Steve Murray Exec. Producer: Chris McCoy Director | DP | Editor: Jan Balster

Cherokee Tourism :30 TV Spot - Giant

Client: Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians {EBCI} | Agency: Element Advertising | CD: Jack Becker | ACD: Matt Levin Production Company : Milepost355 Executive Producer: Kathy  Hurley Director | DP | Editor: Jan Balster Graphic Design | Sound Effects: Optimus

Fidelity Investment - Giving Tuesday

Client: Fidelity Investment | Agency: Capstrat CD: Dave MacMillan Production Company: Jimmy Williams Productions Executive Producer: Rebecca McElroy Director: Jimmy Williams | Director of Photography | Colorist: Jan Balster

BASF - Nelson Crow

Client: BASF | Agency: Mullen > NC: Justin Baum | ACD Production Company: Jimmy Williams Productions Executive Producer: Catherine Schramm Director: Jimmy Williams | DP | Colorist: Jan Balster

Warrior Service Dogs - PSA

Client: Warrior Service Dogs | Shane Cox, Draven, Veterans & Pups Agency & Production Company: Milepost355 -  Creative Director Team - Dave Allemeier & Tom Walsh - Exec. Producer, Kathy Hurley | Murray & Associates - Sr. Producer, Steve Murray Director | DP | Editor: Jan Balster Music: Alex Davis Music

BASF - Planting a Legacy

Client: BASF | Agency: Mullen > NC: Justin Baum | ACD Production Company: JW Productions Executive Producer: Catherine Schramm Director: Jimmy Williams | DP: Jan Balster

ROAD - Trailer for an instructional road cycling movie

Client: Fluidride Production Company: JB Productions Executive Producer: Sinom Lawton Director: Jan Balster | DP | Colorist: Jan Balster

Cherokee Tourism :30 TV Spot - Waterfalls

Client: Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians {EBCI} | Agency: Element Advertising : Jack Becker | CD & Matt Levin | ACD Production Company : Milepost355 Executive Producer: Kathy  Hurley Director | DP | Editor: Jan Balster Graphic Design | Sound Effects: Optimus

Music Maker Foundation - Lakota John

Client: Music Maker Foundation Production Company: JW Productions Director: Jimmy Williams | DP | Editor | Colorist: Jan Balster

CARR Amplifiers

Client: Carr Amplifiers Production Company: JB-Photo Director | Editor | Colorist: Jan Balster | DP: Steve Murray


Client: VeloShine Production Company: Jan Balster, Murray & Associates Executive Producer: Steve Murray Director: Jan Balster/Steve Murray | Director of Photography | Colorist: Jan Balster/Steve Murray